Nipple Clamp Fantasy

I am only small (4ft 10), I am tied, and unable to move, some strange men have my large (32E) boobs and have wrapped and tied them till they hurt, so my boobs become swollen and full, my naturally large nipples become engorged and erect and oh so red, slowly each man begins to lick a nipple, long and slow and wet on each nipple as my nipples tingle and tighten they then start to suck gently and then harder and harder and tease them with their teeth, occasionally biting, but not too hard, my already erect nipples become unbelieveably longer and almost painfully erect. All of a sudden each nipple is clamped and the exquisite pleasure turns to pain, the clamps are tight and cold and the pain is hurting real bad, my nipples are huge, just when I can't take any more the clamps are removed and then my tingling nipples are sucked, and licked and twisted and then quickly, clamped again, over and over, again and again,

And now they have alternated, whilst one is slowly caressing and sucking and adoring my pulsating nipple the other is clamping and pulling and stretching. I can feel one throbbing nipple getting oh so long, the shooting pain through my whole engorged boob, sending shivers down my arched body, while the other boob is being so gently caressed and then stunned with a sudden bite and then they swop again. Am I in agony or ecstasy? I cannot see as I have been blindfolded but I can feel rock hard **** occassionally brush against me, the pain, the pleasure the enormous lust and want is building to a crescendo, my body arching in response to the nipple stimulation and the intense need coming from within.

I have become so wet and hot that I am panting to be taken, my small body is writhing with need, suddenly I am entered so hard, and so deep that it hurts, a penetrating thrust with a strong and huge **** and then more and more and again and again. My nipples now both clamped and the clamps tied to my outspread hands, stretching my nipples, but the pain is gone, there is a new hurt now of not just one but two unbearably large *****, one after the other. I wanted this so much, but even I am shocked at the thrust and the urgency until I am left spent, with my **** throbbing, and my nipples almost numb, still tied and left alone not knowing when they will return, but wanting it all to start again

ladyisaslut ladyisaslut 36-40, F 7 Responses Feb 10, 2010

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I would enjoy the same treatment, given to me by a woman.

Wow! 32E on a 4'10" lady - I would love to see pictures of you. You should post some for us! :) (My wife is also 4'10", but 32A.) :)

Whew, what a great story, My panties are really tight right now.

Super hot story. I loved your description of the pain/pleasure of the nipple clamps.

Few seem to enjoy clamps as much as you describe.

my my...thats hot dear...

That was (and I am) Super hot...

Phew! I'm worn out having just read that! Amazing!