I Feel Myself Geting Softer

i keep on geting tighter in my cloths and i love it, i hope to grow gigantic as quickly as possable
lovenfat lovenfat
26-30, M
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do as you please, be happy.


but iam wayyyyyy to skinny still

Yes you are!

ohh i know i am

Let's fix that!

iam working on it lmao, i want to get to 300 soo bad

Me too! Hoping the weight gainer will help!

lol its is helping me, i love the stuff

Mmmm...mine's chocolate.

vary fattening hmmmmmmmmmm, i want my belly growing everyday

Then stuff yourself everday!

i have been and iam going to keep growing fatter with each passing day

Good! I'm trying to stay fat myself.

i just got told from my family that iam really starting to get fat sooo iam soo happy

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You are!

ohhh i know that and i plan to fix that really soon!!!

That's great! ( . )

helll yes, just wonder how big iam going to get

Get as big as you can and still be happy!

yep i think ill just keep on growing becasue i love it soo much

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