I Am So Sorry For Her...

I just read a really sad story on here.  I didn't comment on it because I didn't want to come off as being judgmental.Anyone who knows me knows that i am not that type of person.  I will not say who the writer was and I hope that if she reads this she will know that i truly sympathize with her but that her blaming God will not make the pain go away.

I , know that it is easier to blame God for deaths and all the wrong that goes on in this world, but we are blaming the wrong person.  Most situations just happen, allot of them are our own fault, and somethings can most definitely be prevented.  Unless you know our Loving Father, He is always the one that gets the blame for this sort of thing. 

When my sister had to be taken off life support, God was an easy target, I knew and believed in my heart that he was one to do miracles , he doesn't need the help from doctors and certainly does not need us to pray harder or chant or sing to him in order for him to make things better.  i feel sorry for her loss , as i do for anyone who has to go through something like losing a child, but God does not take a life , he is the creator of it , he is the life giver, and he makes no mistakes.  We are the ones that take him out of our lives.   The only time most people even acknowledge him is when things are really bad.  Not many even remember him when life is great.  Why should they?  They don't need him then.....WRONG!!!!  In all things give praise, even in the bad times.  He doesn't need angels in heaven, he doesn't need preacher  and teachers in heaven, he needs us to do his work on earth, therefore he would certainly not take a life away....he doesn't need us there, we need to be here to defeat the enemy and win souls for him.

I know how sickening it feels to watch someone die in your arms, i know the feeling of wanting to trade places with that loved one in the hospital bed, i know, but it isn't fair to God to be blamed for death , he didn't create death he created life, but we have to let him in our lives to receive the blessings he has for us.  i write this with a heavy heart, sad, and broken, why does the only one that truly loves us, gave his son for us, had to turn his head when his son was being broken and torn for our sickness and decease, he made the ultimate sacrifice for us, and that is true love, how could we blame him?  Why do people have such a problem with someone that has never done anything to us but love us? It is really hard to see such hurt and my heart goes out to this woman, but please don't blame God he loves you very much, try loving him, run to him, let him embrace you , what do you have to lose?  If he doesn't exist(which he does) but if he didn't , then what will it hurt to know him?  It would be a win win situation either way you turned.If he didn't exist then trying to get close to him wouldn't hurt you , and when you see he does exist then being close to him makes your life better and the hurt goes away, the self pitty stops and the blame goes away because he fills that void.  But you wont know until you try it, if you have exhausted every other aspect then why not try God, what harm could it do you?  You surely couldn't get any worse....

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he takes the good ones because they have done their mission here on earth and they have helped a lot of people already..and their life already served it's purpose

luvbugg, Great story. You have a fan here!

if he doesn't need angels in heaven, why does he take the good ones.?<br />
if he created life not death, why do young children die. I'm just asking......