Two years ago I met a man who I fell in love with. To this day I can't give a reason why. I have recently been told he has become an addiction. An addiction. OK. That makes sense considering I have an addicting personality. It was only two months before he moved in with me, so I obviously had no idea who I was getting involved with. All I knew at the time is that he made me happy, I thought I was in love and I couldn't get enough of him. I gave him everything I had, anything I possibly could. I also gave him my heart. I became a Mother to his children, his maid, his taxi and most importantly, his bank. And I didn't mind one bit. He made me happy and I was in love with him. After about a year, I learned he was a pathological liar. He was incapable of telling the truth about anything. So I read and learned everything I could about pathological liars. I later learned he was a thief. He stole from any store he walked into, stole from his employer and he also helped himself to whatever he could steal from me. He also cheated on me. Talking to him about any of this only made me see that he was also a master manipulator. He was capable of taking any argument we had and twist it around to the point I was to blame and then he would try to convince me I was crazy one. Once the breakups started, I saw what he was truly all about. He had no heart. He felt no pain, showed no remorse and had no conscience. We finally broke up a couple of months ago and I am still devastated by some of the things he was capable of saying and doing to me. I cannot believe that someone is capable of treating someone the way he treated me when all I did was love him. That someone is a sociopath.
UltimateBetrayal7 UltimateBetrayal7
41-45, F
May 16, 2012