Something That Made Me Angry.

Umm, well, lets just start by saying my family doesn't respect me or my belongings AT ALL!

I went shopping back in December and bought $100 worth of clothes from Charlotte Russe.

Well, we moved out of our old house about a month ago and the day we were supposed to go back and finish getting our stuff, my mom didn't wake me up to go.  I woke up and everyone was gone.  So when they returned she was like, "you better hope I got everything that is important to you".  I was so upset because why didn't she wake me up?!?

Well, right away I noticed that she'd destroyed the $20 puzzle that I'd been working on for weeks.  It was all in pieces in a big box.  The next day she actually threw it away before I could get it in my room and piece it back together!  So that was twenty dollars down the drain.  Well, a few hours ago I remembered that I had left all of my new clothes in a shopping bag, I'd never worn them, and I haven't seen them, which mean she threw them away!

You'd think that she would check the bags in our room to see if there was anything in them.  I am so upset.  The day after they went and took the stuff from the house, even though my mom paid the rent for the month, the landlord had already changed the locks.  Which wasn't right because my mom paid the rent for that month and also, we still had stuff there, the bastard threw everything away.  I am so upset knowing that my money went down the drain, and somewhere in a landfill sits my really cute Charlotte Russe clothes.

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Yeah =[

oh- time for a new alaarm clock huh

It didn't go off.

so why didn't you set an alarm clock be be up and awake to go???<br />
<br />
problem avoided