My Energy, My Intention And Therefor What Is. (just Wanted To Share )

Everything in this physical, as it is out of me, is driven and manifested by my energy.

I already knew this, but in order to experience receiving what I want I must understand this well. 

Now I understand. 

With my one intention and my one thought, this physical experience came to be; this journey exists out of my intention and will. 

My intention and will form my energy and my energy forms this physical; my energy is the driving force of this physical and everything it is. 

My energy is my manifestation, it is my projection. My energy is everything physical and everything physical is my energy. 

My energy is my intention and my will. 

Just as my energy becomes my intention in a physical consciousness, so my energy becomes that which I want and choose to receive. 

I intended and willed and desired and asked; In this i sent out my energy to be that which i seek, To be the source of which i seek.

And so my energy, which manifests everything, knows what it is to manifest next.  

My energy knows that which I want and my energy has never let me down.

My energy has and does honor my desire, it is infinitely reflecting my desire. 

It will do so with this, it already is; I am to let it be. 

I have done my part, to send it out with a task at hand.  

Now my energy will do it's part by being my desire and intention; by manifesting itself as my desire and intention. 

And I said "I will let you show me what you got, I will let you do your job" 


Thank you my energy for always being as I willed, for always being in honor of our truth. Thank you.

LuckymeIshouldsee LuckymeIshouldsee
1 Response Feb 19, 2010

The human form is a conglomerate of energy fields which exists in the universe, and which is related exclusively to human beings. -- Carlos Castenada "The Wheel of Time"<br />
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Beautiful description of why and how and where and when, it is no wonder and it is understood. The universe reveals nothing to us that we cannot see and we see it when we believe it.<br />
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You are about to understand the Raven even more.<br />
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