Great Way To Start Sunday !!

I got up this morning and my man was out ........... i douched my boy ***** and played with my but plug and small ***** ............. when he got home i dropped to my knees and sucked on his man **** like a baby on his mothers *** ........... we went by the fireplace and i got between his legs , me on the floor and him seated in his arm chair ......... i love to be in that position between a real mans legs subservient on the floor with his hard **** in my mouth ........ it feels so good and that i am serving my purpose in life ........... he was dripping allot of pre *** wich i just love yummy !!!!!!!!!! at one point he starts telling me how good a **** sucker i am witch makes my little baby **** twitch ..... he just laughs and says i am a good little girl .. witch almost makes me *** ... any way i am relay enjoying sucking and serving him using all my skills to please him when he pulls me off his tool and bends me over his knee , he spanks and pinches my *** wich ones again allmost makes me ***.. then he starts to lube and finger my *** ,ohhh how nice , he puts one then too fingers in and tells me that i really have become a good ***** i purr with satisfaction , i then feel the familiar cold knob of my butt plug as he slowly inserts it up my tight hot hole - it stretches my *** ring and then my boy puss swallows it and i have that wonderful full plugged feeling - he smacks,  pinches and  pets my *** cheeks  smack pinch pet - for some time- smack smack pinch and pinch- pet  smack -  push the plug in deeper,  ,   OH how nice ... i can feel his **** pushing on my stomach , i know it will be engorged and dripping even more pre *** he loves to dominate my ***, any way, he pulls me off his lap and puts me back between his legs, his **** is big, full and hard - leaking yummy pre ***, his big hairy balls are pulled up a little more snugly and moving in side his sack on there own - wow - i want it sooo bad and he knows it  and tells me not to touch his **** too look in his eyes -  i do -  he grabs hold of my boy nips and pinches theme pulling them away from my chest " tell me " he says as i stare in his eyes and he pulls on my **** Evan harder " how do you feel "- my little pee pee twitches- " like a little ***** boy made too serve my mans **** please let me suck on you please " - " go ahead you little **** all in heat over my **** ,plugged up the *** and loving it, you should have been born a girl....  i like that your my boy ***** .. now get to work on my **** and balls because i need to **** you soon !! " i just smile and take his big wet **** head in my mouth and am in heaven ... he pushes the back of my head so his **** slips down my throat and holds me there " plugged on both ends ey boy " he laughs .... than he starts to pump in and out of my throat's this is not sucking **** this is a face **** - he has taken over compete controller and is pounding his tools in and out of my face -  this creates a large amount off saliva witch will serve him as extra lube when he ***** me !!!!!!!!!!!! 

italyboy italyboy
22-25, M
11 Responses Feb 28, 2010

Very hot story!

wow amazingly hot .................... i need a dominant mani <br />
i have very high stress job and am always in control sometimes i pay for sex as i cant find it onboard my ship

Man are you one hot italyboy!

I know it is so wonderfull , it is sooooooooooo nice to have my mans **** hard and ozzing pre *** in my hungry mouth suck lick slurp mmmmmmmm wile he careses my *** and finger ***** my boy ***** .... it goes on for hours some times and we are both so happy ..... and i know that at some point he will bend me over the arm of the couch and give me what i need and love a good long hard pounding and then let me be on my knees and lovingly lick and suck his man **** clean mmmmmmmmmm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( :

I like laying on the couch with my head on my lovers lap sucking his **** while he caresses my sissy ***** and sometimes finger fuckes me getting me all excited.

nothing like your man telling you how good of a girl you are or have become. a sissies true calling is to be soft, feminine and taking care of her man

italyboy, are still interested, in sucking **** i would loveto suck yours and maybe have a ****

right i'm a straight man, but the only thing i've done with another man is just sucking **** and getting sucked the only thing is there is no one nearer to me to do this and more i want to suck and have my **** sucked again plus either doing the ******* or getting ****** or both.

You are a very, very lucky cockaholic :)

well i realy like it to be sub you know ? and he is only "controling " and domanent in our sex because i and he like it so much, in our life he treats me with the utmost respect and we are completly = in every thing i do not feal at all exploited only understod and loved : )

ok im not gay and dont like to get ruf also love whering diapers but would love to hav my cok sukt as well as suk someone as well<br />
i had a suking experyents in 9th grade i some wut hint it in a story i put up calld" i need a change"<br />
i wanted to clean up that story so that kids on here could read it to<br />
<br />
btw just becus one duz sex and stuf with the same sex duz not mean they r gay<br />
your only gay if u love the same sex ppl<br />
<br />
as it is i do suport gayness and bisexulls too<br />
<br />
me im not intrested in eather sex <br />
<br />
and the way you told your story it sounds like ypu partner is cuntroling i dont no how you like it <br />
dozent he ever do the same for you