I am a big fan of action movies, especially the war ones. There is a new war movie on? I'm there.

I was hanging out with an old friend last Saturday when we saw that the movies Defiance (Daniel Craig) and Righteous Kill (Robert de Niro and Al Pacino) were on.

I am a big fan of de Niro but both of us have heard that this particular movie was not really good so we ended up watching Defiance.

Not a first choice, we definitely didn't plan on watching a movie, none of us a fan of Daniel Craig - me, I am more of a younger guys fan and my friend, well, he's obviously more of a beautiful women fan, so...

But the movie did not disappoint. The action sequences were good, the story flew smoothly and the actors did a good job.

The only awkward scene was the one where Craig adressed the other refugees while riding a horse. There was just no point in him doing that. At least in my opinion.

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Yep, I will. Especially when it is recommended by you :)<br />
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I saw the trailer for Seven Pounds at the beginning of watching this movie and decided I was going to watch it, too.<br />
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I got burned a little with I Am Legend so I have been cautious with Will Smith's movies.

Best movie so far this century? Seven pounds with Will SMith. If you have never seen a 63 year old man cry you should have been in the theater at the end of the movie. If you get a chance - see it.

Daniel craig is good in defiance,better than in the bond movies which are ok

oh my both al pacino and robert de niro are fantastic!

OK! You just sold me. My wife is out of town and I am starting to get cabin fever. This move sounds like something interesting to see. Defiance. I'll get back to you.<br />
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I just saw Righteous Kill (Robert de Niro and Al Pacino). What a bad movie! There is the smart, good looking and HOT love interest and I cringed ever time de Niro touched her. The worst was a scene were de Niro had his shirt off. Look, I, 65 and my wife loves me but I would kill someone if they turned the lights on! Can a hot young girl really want a...Please...DD