Into the Wild - Directed By Sean Penn

I watched this on DVD Sunday morning and was blown away.  Anybody interested in the search for meaning in life will love this movie.  If I wasn't so macho I'd admit that I exeprienced tears several times while watching, but since I am macho, I'll have to say I have a male friend who welled-up a few times while watching....

IamIam IamIam
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8 Responses Jun 30, 2008

I agree with you, it was a good movie!!

YES TATE: I'd call it kind of inspirational/bittertsweet...and yes, a good cry is can be cleansing. <br />
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Pick-up some popcorn and I'll be right over Tate...

I cry when there is no more quiche...

Macho Macho Man <br />
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~ Y M C A ~<br />
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It's okay to cry Iam.. Real men cry when they eat their quiche..

Yes Eddie Vedder did the soundtrack...and yes I remember that you LOVE vedder/pearl jam.<br />
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MP- Hey Bud, it is exactly your kind of movie.

It is a must see...!!! It is your type of movie...

This sounds cool. I'd like to see it.

didnt we have a pearl jam discussion.... and my love of eddie vedder??? he did the soundtrack for that movie... it was a great movie... but ...oh so heavy for me at the end