I Know It By Heart.

I don't know how many times I've seen it, I lost count lol. I know it by heart...

 I saw it 3 times in the movie theater, one was a special sing along show where there were famous Icelandic singers that sang ABBA songs to warm up the crowd before the movie started. Everyone went absolutely NUTS when the movie started

People sang at the top of their lungs and danced around. I had a ball, there was even cheering for intermission which is something we're usually absolutely sick of lol

It was the coolest thing ever and all the shows were sold out so getting a ticket was such a treat!

I own the sing-along version of Mamma Mia and try to watch it regulary.

My choir is even doing a Mamma Mia melody at our spring concert, it's fun!

Spiritsinger Spiritsinger
31-35, F
Mar 14, 2010