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I know some of you may think all I watch is sports and wrestling which for the record is totally untrue, lol, but just yesterday I was watching MSNBC and I saw this incredibly disturbing documentary about the internet and how some people can get in way way way over their heads. It's very tragic and takes some twists and turns, it is highly recommended to see if you ever get a chance, it will open eyes for sure. Here's a trailer below...

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I haven't seen the film, but I saw a one-hour program on this story on one of the network "news magazine" programs (I think it was ABC 20/20). It's a tragic story. It's hard to believe that these people could let themselves lose control of themselves in such a way. There are just so many twists to this story that are so hard to believe ... yet a young man, guilty of no more than being just another horny young man on the internet, was killed ... killed over a fantasy. It's hard to fathom, isn't it?

It is hard to fathom Kellie, that people would get sooooo crazy, what happened was senseless and if it's gonna be like that, some people need not have a computer. T

It was senseless. There are so many strange twists to the story ... that the man could be so obsessed as to kill someone ... that the mother would use the pictures of her own daughter that way ... it puts forth the question: is the mother "responsible" in any way for what happened? After all, what she did was no more than what thousands and thousands of people have done, which is to pretend to be something other than what they are ... but she took it soooo far, playing one suitor against another in the way she did. And what must the daughter think about all of this? It's her pictures, her image, used without her permission by her mother, that lies in the center of it all, and now, being portrayed on television, and now in this documentary ... what must she think? ***shudders***

I do think the mother bears some responsibility, if not legally at least ethically. Her morals are quite out of whack to use her own daughter's pics, especially since the daughter didn't know, the poor young lady has to feel a bit guilty and she didn't do anything, her psyche must be damaged. And for a grown man to get so caught up in a fantasy, to go so far as to kill, is quite alarming. Certainly not something that happens everyday, but I hope the people who watch this create awareness to it. Its not something that needs to happen.

There were levels of her irresponsibility ... she was involved in all sorts of sexting, cybersex, whatever you'd call it - not even a transgression, very normal internet behavior /// She was pretending to be someone other than who she actually is - a pretty mild transgression considering the realities of the internet /// she used her own daughter's identity as her own in doing those things - um, that's just pretty twisted if you ask me /// she played with the deep emotions of her victims, not just playing around, but breaking hearts - that's just meanhearted and wrong /// she played one guy off against the other for the thrill of fomenting conflict - again, that's just inexcusable, sociopathic behavior ... an innocent guy was murdered, yet, she did nothing illegal. It's quite a story. I really have to see the documentary!

Indeed, her actions were deplorable and I do think she is doing time, not sure how much or for what. As were his actions. I realize he got caught up in his affections for her but if you are of sound mind, I don't think his fantasies would cause him to get so caught up as to kill, especially for someone he never even met, either way all of these actions are, to me, inexcusable.

I must agree with every word of that.

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