Hooray For Tuesday

Today is Tuesday. Yay! Well, not really. I mean nothing special is happening today, I went to the shops with my dad for some groceries, and I start work in 2 hours so I don't really have much to look forward to. Plus, it is super hot here and humid and blah! Lucky I am inside in my room with the fan on, relaxing here.
Oh mayun okay, so there is this mega babe who works at the shop I go to. He is just so cute! He has a gf though so I wouldn't try anything. Well, even if he didn't I wouldn't do anything...I am too shy hehe! Which is fine! Some guys might be a bit put off if the girl makes the first move... I think? I don't know!? But yeah. I don't even know who is going to read this, but I love that I can post here! It's like a diary, except the private part. And sometimes people give you good advice! But yeah so I walked in, saw him stocking something and acted real cool and just smoothly walked past without even glancing in his direction. I like to play things safe, I didn't look at him once while I was in there apart from when I went to get some fruit, and then he walked to the fruit section aswell and was taking some fruit, to stock I presume. But as soon as he came I walked away hehe! Well, about 3 seconds later, didn't want to seem too jumpy. I have a feeling he thinks I am a bit weird...well I don't know...maybe its in my head...us girls (well, me at least) tend to over analyse things and get overly paranoid when really we just need to chill out and look at things as a whole. I mean, this guy is 2 years older than me, and I don't have a problem with that, but maybe to him I still seem so young? I dont know really. Sometimes its like you know I have those fantasies he will break up with his girlfriend and we will somehow end up together. But then reality kicks in and its like, whoa, cmon, what are the odds of this guy really breaking up with his girlfriend, then asking you out? He would never throw away a relationship to take a chance on a girl he barely knows, let alone risk the rejection. I dont even know if he finds me attractive!
I also work at a grocery store. A different one than him though, but they are very vclose together. So sometimes when I am working I see him walk past my store after he has finished his shift at his job. He has come in a few times, with and without his gf. One time I served him and I said hello but he didnt say it back I dont think? Or if he did he was quiet...that is why I think he thinks I'm weird. Because that time I served him, he avoided eye contact (seemed like it, or he just genuinely didnt care) didnt really say any words, I dont think. And yeah. Argh I dont know. But yeah so I think I have a tiny crush on him. I kinda wish I didnt...because crushes can get you so down in the dumps. But yeah, thats my little story. Feel free to offer your view, advice or comment :)
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Cute! That happens to me all the time. I'm so awkward when it comes to making the first move! And sometimes that seems like a good thing, because the cute guys (not gay guys tho,,,lol!!!!) are always wanna be the one to make the first move!!!!