I had just left work for the day.  My daughter and I stopped by a store to pick up some charcoal, as we planned to go to the park that evening to grill and have a little picnic.

I walked in the store and encountered one of the best looking young men I have ever seen.  Black hair, green eyes and skin the color of coffee with cream.  He was wearing the nametag of a store employee, but I didn't notice his name.  I was just happy to have the opportunity to gawk a bit longer.  I asked him where they kept the charcoal and he led me back and pointed to the proper shelf.  Yes, he was walking ahead of me and I was quite enjoying taking in the view.

I went on with my shopping, and when I went to check out, this stunner was at the cash register.  He rang up my purchases and put the rather large bag of charcoal into the cart for me.  He picked up my other bag (which held hamburger buns), handed it to me, smiled and said "Enjoy your hamburgers!"  He met my eyes with his and I knew instantly that he knew I'd been checking him out and that he liked it.  I felt like a dirty old woman for a fraction of a second.  Then I left the store to go to my van and gush to my daughter about how gorgeous he was.  She still teases me about it sometimes.

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You no doubt made his day. It's good to be ogled :D

Healthy mother daugher relationship!! Three cheers for that!! :)<br />
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And yeah.. lucky you! ;)

Most definitely. I must admit, there was a big smile on my face for the entire day.<br><br />
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Ha, no, cougar isn't the word for me. I was just admiring. :-) And when I got home, I told my husband, "I just saw the best-looking boy I've ever seen"'s cool. I point out pretty girls to him, too.

Wow! He does sound gorgeous.<br><br />
<br><br />
His thoughts were definitely on you too. It was in his eyes. Cougar would be a little hard in describing you, but MILF would be at the top of many a man's list.<br><br />
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You go gorgeous! Isn't life grand ... at the most unexpected times!