Couldn't Finish It

It was way too graphic and disturbing for me... which is really saying something. Never before has a movie made me so uncomfortable that I end up curling up into a ball in tears. I had to turn it off before the end... Never again will I watch that movie.

Melody08 Melody08
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12 Responses Feb 8, 2010

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When I watched the movie, I was very disappointed because I had never heard of the movie before watching it and I was hoping it was going to be about some haunted house or something lol. It sure as hell would have been a lot better if it actually had been. Really the only part of the movie I actually liked was when the bad guys died.

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I recon the movie was called "the last house on the left" The clue is in the title. Having not seen this movie I don't get what stalking has to do with it. Looks like an unrelated post to me. Still if a movie can do that to you then either it is very well written and acted or as a previous post suggested it triggered something in you.

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@aglconnect1: are you perhaps replying to the wrong story? this story says nothing about stalking and is all about "the movie [she's] referring to."

Melody- your response sounds more like something in the movie triggered you.

how did yoyu stay throught half of it.. actually it wasn;t all that bad.this is a remake of the orginal version. and that one was worse then this one honey, In the orginal version, he makes one of the women pee her pants and then he rapes her friend.

what movie was that? don't tell me it was saw 6 all those saw movies r really gross .and i lke horror but they where grosser then gross.