Never Be You And Me

I thought I wanted to find you
I thought I wanted to be "The One"
but then I realised sometime ago
Being single is so fun
I never want to share my bed
Or my home or time with you
I never want to be in a wedding dress
Saying soppy stuff like 'I do'
Im sorry if you love me
Im sorry if you want me to be your wife
Im a very generous person
Except with my life
I like to do my own thing
Yes, without a diamond ring
There wont be me, being the mother of your children
There wont be us walking together to take the trash to the bin
I wont be the one you kiss goodnight
I wont let you be my shining knight
Im sorry but there will never be you and me
I hope you can see
That marriage isn't for me
Therefore darling, you and me will never be
OhLala17 OhLala17
Sep 25, 2012