Got My Spanking....ouch!

Well, I finally got spanked. My neighbor just blistered my bottom spanking me off and on bare ***** over his knee. Just what I needed.

I get a spanking from him everyday this week when he leaves for work he said. Paddled with a hairbrush. That will be my first time. Scared. Can barely sit now. Was exhilarating ...and painful!
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Wow will u be getting mre? Did u cry?

Love the effect of the hairbrush - a lovely shade of red

Your *** will be red for a week. Hope you got what you wanted.

It was sore for 6 days but it was my 4th spanking in 2 days.

Double the pleaser. Your neibor shore spanks offen? You like it or should it be harder with the brush. Since that what gets your attention,a nice red ***!!

Your butt feeling any better now?

I hope you learned your lesson?

I'm learning it well. Had my bruised bottom get its second spanking when he got home. Two a day all week. Before and after he goes to work. Tonight was just a bare otk spanking with his hand. I get hairbrush spanking at 6:45am. Dreading it and can barely wait at the same time. He's brutal but I deserve it....and asked for it. Wow! Forgot just how painful a spanking is. I hate not being able to cover it when it gets too hard. He can really hold me down and I fight the whole time. Wonder if my other neighbors can hear me pleading in between swats. I really hope not!

Good luck!

what did you do to deserve such a spanking? How did you annoy your neighbour so much or was it part of a forfeit>

Well you wanted it. Maybe he should try a good strap or lexan paddle. You would remember for days.

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