I figure Earth Hour is a scam, but I didn't see how it could hurt to sit in the dark for an hour, so I did it anyway. Is it okay that I had the TV on?

Anyway after an hour in the dark I felt like going to sleep, which is okay because the clocks go forward tonight anyway, so I'll just be making up my hour.

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5 Responses Mar 28, 2009

I am in the dark most of the time.

Carrot, you're free to barge in on any of my stories, in fact I'd prefer it. And I agree with you as usual.

I have 6 minutes and then my lights go off....<br />
<br />
except for this PC ;-) hehehe!

Not to make fun of Earth Hour... but all that will do nothing at all. No energy will be conserved. At least at the power generation point. The coal will still be burned at the same rate, the turbines will still spin at the same rate and nothing will change. That goes the same for the nuke plants as well. The power plants might see a few amps drop... but they will still have to run the system just the same.

I'm going to leave my computer can I survive an hour without it? I'll turn off all other lights though and do my part :-)