The Weekend's Still On!

Just two days before I'm supposed to drive seven hours with my mom to Virginia and I just have to get on the uneven bars in gym class. I was doing just fine until I had to catch myself on a flip. I was still holding the higher bar and hit the lower with my foot flat on the bar. I fit it hard and felt the jolt run up my leg to my knee. I would have ignored it.

About two to three years ago I had major surgury on my foot. There is now an anchor in it to hold the either tendon or Ligiment to the bone.

My only thought when I hit the bar was that the anchor came out of the bone. I seriously thought I was going to cry. I almost did. Not because of the pain but because I thought I might have to get another surgury to get the anchor back in place. Which would mean I couldn't go on the trip to Virginia to meet my girlfriend for her birthday. I have had my heart set on this trip since before we have been going out. I thought this injury was going to take that away from me.

I got home yesterday and called my mom to tell her what happened. She was on her way while I was calling off work and calling my girlfriend, Jess. I'm kinda glad her dad picked up first and joked around with me before giving her the phone. I was afraid I would have started to cry while telling her I might not be able to make it for her birthday. She got on the phone and was still laughing. I love her laugh. It immediatly brought a smile to my face. I love her so much.

We talked a little bit before I told her. Just hearing her voice made me feel better. I hated myself for trying to put off talking to her and even not telling her about my foot at all. Either way I did tell her. She didn't seem near as upset as I felt. I just wanted to die at the fact that I might not be able to give her the only thing she told me she wanted for her birthday. Me. I wanted to be with her so badly just for understanding. And even yelling at me for getting hurt in the first place. I love knowing she cares. And even if she didn't I know I would still love her.

When my mom and I got to the ER we were sent back to a bed pretty quickly. But then again my mom did have me in a wheel chair. They might have thought it hurt more than it really did. I felt so stupid when telling the nurses and doctors what happened. It's something a gymnist does every day. It's nothing that should hurt me in any way shape or form.

It turns out that they couldn't see anything on the x-ray but they're still worried that it could be a hairline fracture. So I'm stuck on crutches for the next week, or at least until I go back to the hospital in a week for new x-rays. If they see anything then they're going to get me in a cast and I'm out of work and gym for four to six weeks. This isn't good. Your putting a pretty active girl in an extreamly inactive situation. I'm going to die.

Jess seemed unsure of what to think. But then again she was pretty tired when she called me. I already got yelled at once for not using my crutches to answer the phone. but I hate them with a passion. I feel so confined.

I just don't know what to think. I guess I'm just glad I'm still going to see her over the weekend.

Anndei Anndei
26-30, F
Mar 30, 2007