Bright Lights

so many women think that they can be high class. but they get rejected from 500 an hour jobs. maybe never get calls from the net. so they fall into brothels or street work or maybe even submissive work. or into the arms of an abusive man who pays all the bills


i have seen so many womenin brothels. domenique who was a model at uni she had a heroin habit and did the whole town for a hundred an hour

then theres me. i kept dreaming and would tell myself that a hundred was alot of money.

a few women i worked with did the streets and were murdered. or went to jail.

of course all the high class women do well.. not many. but for every high class girl theres a million women who roll over for a hundred.

I keep dreaming. maybe in heaven ill be a blonde model with a phd. and maybe i wont want to risk getting aids for any amount of money.

until then i try to look for real work. or wait for my inheritance. if mum doesnt take if off me for being in mental hospitals all my life.

jessijay jessijay
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3 Responses Mar 6, 2010

if its illegal in your state then you will never know if shes a cop or not. go somewhere legal to xxxx like amsterdam or australia

a few high class jobs . got paid 1500 for 3 hours at sheraton. 2 hours talk and dinner in room. had bath listened to music. sex 2 mins.<br />
<br />
best and only job ever through a website escort friend who had booking. two clients. wanted to meet her friends. met me. didnt like other girl.

I wish you better.