My New Job Is Fun

I work at the Institute for Reading Development in Novato, California. I started there a few years ago, but had to leave so I could watch my (then) 3 year old grandson. I have returned to that place of employment because they offered me a job.

I take calls from parents wanting to enroll their students in our reading programs. I get to chat with them about their children, and how they are doing in their reading, and help parents get a little extra reading skill for their children by enrolling the students in the classes we hold at partner universities throughout the United States. Some of our partners are Rutgers, Berkeley, and Yale, but we have dozens, so I won't list them here. We do important work, and I like it.

The best part is knowing I am helping children, especially the ones who are behind in reading. They only go to our classes once a week, and the parents continue the program at home throughout the summer and on into the next school year. They can use the skills we teach them for the rest of their lives. I am proud to help with such a worthy endeavor.

I won't say the pay is great, or this is going to better my lifestyle any, but at least I have a job. It's not my career, I am a graphic artist and I used to work for companies like Broderbund Software and Autodesk. I am ever so grateful to have a job though, no matter what it is.

LeisaWolf LeisaWolf
51-55, F
Mar 7, 2010