Trying Baclofen, The Addiction Medication

So I'm finally on Baclofen, l just took the first pill right now. I've been doing A LOT of research on this drug, and i can't find a reason NOT to try it! If you go to YouTube and search the drug you will find a HBO Documentary about the drug, also a doctor wrote a book about it and said that it "curled him". This drug is getting more and more popular there's at least 4 people in my group on it also, I keep hearing nothing but great things, I can't wait. I want to write in here everyday to see if craves really do reduce.... I understand how the brain works, and how this med effects the brain, look it up people! I went to my doctor's and I just asked her flat out, and she was VERY shocked because I've been hiding from her any use of street drugs at all, I know that's not good at all but I've confided in doctors before and I didnt like how I got treated after, But anyways! She didnt know too much about it, so she had to go consult with another MD, She said she's heard about all the studies, how people are getting a script for it a lot now etc.... So she wrote it for me and said :Your my first patent to try this drug, I want to see how this works with you, I'm curious".
Cause I've been having a horrible time, I can't even go two days, starting to feel hopeless, I had a HUGE break down last night and freaked out my bf so bad, I just bugged out. I was acting like a nut job lol. but the stress is killing me, I wouldn't wish an addiction problem to my worst enemy. I've had many addiction to different drug through the yrs the only one that stuck was heroin (started w/ Oc')s I've never been addicted to crack/coke like this before, I don't even use dope any more the clinic helped me in that area... I need a second addict like i need whole in the head! I go to group twice a week, meet with my counselor at last 1x a week, and have to go to the clinic everyday... I have to do the group thing or I will get kicked off, if you have read my stuff before i mention my groups a lot, I like its one C & A (Cocaine to abstinence). But I just wanted to write real quick, I havent been on here like I want to be lately, I deff want to keep track, TODAY @10:45, Dec 1, 2012 Took my first 10mg Baclofen, Have took take twice more at lunch and when I get home from work today about 9ish. Wish me luck! ;)
teeheartmarie teeheartmarie
22-25, F
Dec 1, 2012