My Neighbor's Dirty Panties

My wife and I were invited to a party at our next-door neighbors. She is a very pretty woman of 45 with a nice body. I often look at her over the hedge when she is in the garden wearing a bikini. I have always wanted to have sex with her.
During the evening I decided to try and find where she kept her dirty laundry. I soon found it in a cupboard in the bathroom. I took out two pairs of panties and put them in my pocket. I went into the toilet and examined them, choosing the pair that had the best perfume. There was also a nice ***** stain in the gusset. I put them in my pocket and went back to the bathroom and replaced the other pair in the laundry box.
The next day I drove to work, looking at the delicious pair of flimsy white panties. I enjoyed caressing and sniffing them as I drove along.
I stopped off at a highway restaurant and went to the toilets. I sniffed the panties and tasted them. They had a bitter taste where I could smell her pee stains.
I wrapped them round my **** and ***********, shooting my *** into the toilet. Then I took off my pants and underpants and put on the panties. It made me hard again, feeling the soft silky material on me.
I wore them all day in the office and it turned me on walking around knowing that I was wearing a pretty girl's dirty panties. On the way home I stopped off at the restaurant again. This time I ********** in the panties and threw them away before leaving.
Since then I am always on the lookout for stealing a woman's soiled panties. They have to belong to a woman I would like to ****. If I can't have her body, then sniffing the panties which have been tight into her ***** and her *** is the next best thing.   

blucher blucher
3 Responses Mar 12, 2011

I just stole a size 5 panties from my neighbor she is so hot

i enjoy doing this especially with lace panties

I've done the same thing.