Turns Me On Knowing A Guys Enjoys My Panties

I have had my panties taken several times and it really has never bothered me, in fact its a turn on knowing a guy has taken then and imagining all the things he is doing with them, sniffing them, licking them, ******* off with them. Knowing he is into me and attracted to me and that my scent and taste turns him on. I have had many of my boyfriends friends take my panties and I cannot say I did not help them along in finding them by leaving them hanging out of the hamper or on the floor in the bathroom. As I mentioned its a turn on knowing that they are turned on by me and a turn on knowing they are pleasuring themselves with my panties. Sometimes they have taken my panties and I never got them back, other times they have just enjoyed them while in the bathroom and a few times they have shown up days, weeks and even months later.
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3 Responses Nov 29, 2012

I have had the same, untill expensive panties were "borrowed "

When ever my sister in law stays with us she will leave her dirty clothes in the bathroom when she showers. Her pants and shirt will be in a neat pile in the corner but her panties are all ways in the middle of the floor placed with the crutch on display I will all ways pick them up and smell them and **** and place them with her other clothes

i would put the panties on , its so hot wearing stolen panties and chatting to the ex owner of them while wearing her panties and they have no idea i,m wearing them as we chat,