You Make My Day!

I joined this group because I have had this experience many times. We have dance performances during an annual festival in our colony. All my friends take part in it . I had once filmed this in my mobile. I have many videos in my mobile. Whenever I am sick or am feeling low I watch these videos. That makes me think of all the wonderful people in my life & that makes my laugh and sometimes even laugh out loud. Being with them feels as if i am in some magical world - free of all worries & full of love and fun and happiness. I love my friends and family!! :D

Jacelove Jacelove
13-15, F
2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

hey thanks ......... actually I share d same experience about songs with you :D

Good reason for joing the group Jace. I am happy that you have that outlet. I can hear certain songs and it will trigger a smile for me too.