The Little Things I Wanna Do With You...

I want to wake up next you.. get changed with you.. eat breakfast with you.. play board games with you.. hold your hand.. watch movies with you in bed.. nap together.. send you cute text.. let you wear my comfy hoody when you're cold.. look into your eyes.. walk in the rain with you.. fall asleep while on the phone with you.. snuggle in bed.. mess up your hair... kiss you goodnight...
jazzME jazzME
26-30, F
2 Responses Oct 11, 2011

little things are the best.....I like the hoody comment...cute:)...seeing a cute girl in ur own hoody with the hood up...the smiles given from under it seem to stick out more...that no teeth kind of grin...thanking u for the warmth:)...yeah I like that to:) little things

i know that's why we always get each other.. you get me... thanks.. =)

Aww, this is cute.

thanks J! =)