Love Hurts

at first it was nothing but as time passed it was just something i couldnt lie about and deny. so on my friends birthday we went to a restaurant to hang out and eat before going to a party and "she" was there. and as hungry as i was i lost my appetite. i was giddy in any form of way and i found myself answering "yes" to everyones questions even if i didnt understand them. i just saw her that night and no one else. it was like i forgot everything and just saw her. when we arrived at the party she was the first person i saw and i found myself with butterflies. being so close to her made me perspire. that night i had confessed to my friends that i had liked her and they shattered what hope i had and as they drove me home i hadnt said a word. weeks later my friend was helping me with her get closer. i had written a 3 paged composition for her that i had made her read and she was shocked to know that i was so deep. and finally today i finally said my piece i was scared out of my wits and i knew what she would say but she didnt say what i thought she would. she just said that she liked someone else and that she was sorry. after hearing that i felt my blood rush to my head. and i sat down on my bed thinking. as painful as it shouldve been, im still strong. even if whatever's left of me is now just broken pieces of who i used to be. but thats my story.

cheeken05 cheeken05
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1 Response Apr 26, 2007

Thats tough and I know it hurts. It takes a lot of courage to tell someone how you feel when your in love. At least it does for me for fear of rejection so I usually am pretty slow to say those 3 words. I get mad at myself because like you I get kinda stupid when I am around someone I really like. I get nervous and get butterflies in my stomach and always manage to say or do something stupid out of nervousness. Things could change for you. You never know this guy might not be what she has him cut out to be. She may like this guy but what if he doesn't like her in the same way you know? I would try to keep her friendship and who knows where it could go in the future.