Yupppp..its Ture!

its offically march 19th and that means im 20...its the first year i havent been that happy about it...its scary...in 10 more years i will be 30..in 20 more years i will be 40!! thats crazy! pretty much 1/4 of my life is over....

its terrifing...being human beings our life span isnt that long... 80-90 years? that goes so fast...and honestly it scares the **** out of me...before you know it im gonna be an old woman...it makes me think of dying..and i really dont want to die..ever...

i dont really have any solid beliefs and NOBODY can make me believe anything...i just dont buy into the whole religion thing...i DONT KNOW what comes after death..i just hope there is SOMETHING...where i will see my family and friends...

i have never felt so ****** about turning any age before..it was all good fun untill this one (ahh i feel crazy!) >_<

but on the brightside im going out to celebrate in 3 days with some friends and have a lovely dinner :) thats always nice!

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Hi, turning 20 is a hard situation to get you're head around.

I just turned 20 and I am finding it hard to picture myself moving out of my parents house. My friends all tell me I should move out and not worry about the cost of things, they say things like "The job centre will help you with housing benefits", " Just do it, you won't have anything to lose" and "You won't ever move out of your mum and dads house."

I am currently trying to find work and apprenticeships with construction firms so I will have a reliable source of income and a chance to work my way up.
I am applying for jobs near enough every day and using services such as Careers South West Acorn and job centre plus.

Due to my condition of having Asperger's syndrome, I find it hard to understand some of the forms I have to fill in, so I ask my mum or dad to help me out with filling them in.
(normally it just the silly stuff like spelling words, I use google and spell checker when I know they are busy.)

I try not to rely on them to much as I am growing up.

Being 20 you are properly at a critical stage of you're life and there is a lot of pressure with this age so I just wanted to say, take things at you're own pace.

P.s Hope things work out for you, whether it be finding work, passing driving, moving out or whatever comes you're way.

Oh yeah right 30 would be **** scary!

Many Blessings