I Just Walked Out Of My Job In The Middle Of My Shift

not too long ago i was working for a salon that is  nationally know

i hated every damn thing about that place....

they make it look like it is professional 

but behind the scenes where the clients don't look

it was a **** hole!

okay well the manager was holding me back

from getting my master stylist license....

so i told her that she can go **** herself  and that i was going to steal 

products from the back room

to give me money while i was looking for a job

i think she thought i was joking

i stole about 3,000 dollars worth of back room supplies... 

the whole time  i worked there i stole from the merchandise floor....

i had a salon in my house for 2 years and i am still stocked...

i have so many dyes and shampoos, conditioners and hair products 

i could sell them and make a small fortune... but instead i am giving them

away to my clients and not charging them too much for my services... maybe 

karma will be nice to me?

mmjgg mmjgg
31-35, M
1 Response Feb 11, 2010

There is something about getting your own back on someone that treats you like a crap, I sometimes can't resist it, makes me feel quite good, lol! What the heck!