To Take

To take her freely and intensely--deeply and completely--is to invest her with my aspirations.  Her capacity to evoke my joy amazes me, every day.
WindSweptCowboy WindSweptCowboy
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6 Responses May 8, 2012

No, don't mind.

I do love to laugh. And I smile often...:-)

Wonder of your smile intrigues me. Do you mind? more thing..someone who appreciates me in and out of my clothes..:-)

You have created interesting criteria through which to filter your options. We grow toward appreciation as flowers blossom toward sunshine. Thank you for for asking about me. When I look for the magic of a woman's smile, I don't bother to choose. I just go and listen and wait for the muse. If her smile comes along and the magic is right, we meet again later, then love through the night. If the magic's in her smile and her smile touches me, I thrive in her magic and her smile sets me free. Who am I to explain her magical smile? Should I harbor presumption instead of seeking the muse?

Someone who's not afraid of trying new things at least once. I'm a writer/performance poet, so I travel the country. Be nice if someone understood writing's more than scribbling words on paper. Meeting new people and visiting new places adds richness to life. I have friends of all races, ethnic groups. Not giving that up. We've been through too much together. I like thoughtful conversation. Strong work ethic. Enough for now. What's your's?

No. He seemed liked he wanted to clip my wings and make me into a boring image of someone who didn't need much other than sitting down and watching the world go by, Reading a book would tax his brain too much.

When a flower yearns to blossom, what sort of gardener would clip the bud?

One of Lincoln's biographers wrote that only genius can recognize talent, for mediocrity recognizes naught beyond its own level. The biographer was explaining Lincon's elevation of Grant, after others had degraded Grant.

You are good to consider your advisor's vision.

Tell me more about your ideal.

I was recently told by a man that these things were too idealistic in today's world. Is that true?

Truth, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Trust brings special intensity to sharing truth and beauty. Do you trust the man who said your aspirations are too idealistic?