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Not Sure What Im Doing Here

I guess EP is for people with problems and what to conect with people that can understand them. At leas thats what I think. I just joined 1 hour ago >_>'
Im not sure what a "story" is so idk what Im suposed to write... Like an experience? idk Ill just post this and see that happens.
Random712 Random712 18-21 1 Response Feb 1, 2013

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Well I guess that depends in what u want to get out of it. Are u just wanton to chat about the weather, or do u wanna chat bout ex boyfriend/girlfriends? Or do u wanna chat about all kinds of thing? They have an option for just about anything u want to talk about. True a lot of us have issues and we are looking for ppl with stories like ours so they truly know what we might be goin thru. U wouldn't want to ask a question about ur boyfriend and get someone that wants to talk about how cute their new puppy is right? Tho u may wanna talk about the cute puppy , u just don't want to do it right then lol lol. I'm just saying I think u did it right. U asked a question to get u pointed in the right direction and that's perfect and very smart of ya :) good luck dear

Well I guess I came here because I just wanted to chat with random people and not worrying if I say something wrong. Thank you for your time! : D

Not a problem and as you will soon notice that's what most of us like to chat lol, u will have no problem finding people to talk with and most won't judge u and if they do and u don't like their responses cause their mean or whatever u can always block em and talk to the people that are here to help ya :) have a great day sunshine!!!

Thats great :3 You too!