Real Love?

It is a beautiful day and the air fresh after a new rain. the sun sparkling like a thousand thousand diamonds on the spring grass under pines that whisper and gently sway like dancers or lovers Under these trees we kissed and you said my kisses were adictive. I did not want you to say goodbye. I wanted to hold you like I want to hold the sunshine or the wind but I cannot. You asked me should you stay and with all myheart I wantd to say YES! But I knew between us was the goblin of unbelief. I could not believe your statues were the answer and your vows could not allow you to marry me. You called me later and asked could I stay with you, drive to Seattle and stay with you as your cousin, your nurse, and for all the world to see we ARE cousins, distant, but still I could not do what I think is wrong. The beauty of your soul seems small when you ask me these things. I am in the dark and alone and you say I am crazy because i wanted to love you forver, stand by you, runmy fingers through your hair, my raven, my friend, my other half to my soul. I was the adoring little sister following after and you the protective older cousin always driving guys away and watching me. Once you twirled me up in the air and I was flying in a dream. When your arm was around me I was in the air like a rocket high. I lost you falling like a streaming burning star and I lost maybe the best part of me what we were, what we could have been, my darling, my cousin, my friend.
stargazer2 stargazer2
46-50, F
1 Response May 7, 2012