Dancing Buffalo

I was in art class drawing and humming and sometimes my pictures happen. Like a show I saw once about a kid who could do that, I saw a dancing buffalo on the naked breast of the earth, I drew moons of time that would pass and a teepee with me sitting with my back to the city skyline in front of it. A man wrote to me with the same name as my cousin and at first I thought it was him and then we became good friends and I maried him last year. What is his name? Dancing Buffalo, the one i saw and though I do not know what all this means I know it feels good in his arms and we can walk through life together. And he does not se me as a bad woman because i am indian. He always wanted to marry a native american woman and while a man I wanted to marry but could not did not stand by me, he did stand by me and shares my life now. Itis nice not to be alone.
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Thanks guys! Love Jo