I was sitting in the back at church a troubled teen and watching everybody. I didn't belong. I saw this picture of Jesus smiling down and starting writing: Heartsong, later I put it to music and it used to play on the radio. Heartsong: I hide because i want someone to find me. I run because i want someone to care, and when you stop chasing me then I have nothing to do, but sit here and watch as you walk away..... I do not feel like that anymore, don't really run and hide from people, God showed me if I keep doing it and drive peopel away liek some of my friends did I will be alone. God gives people mirrors to se their faults andwork on them together. take acre and I pray the song in your heart is JOY!
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1 Response May 7, 2012

thank you. Itis an echo song, one of the few ones like that that I did. I used to have a radio program His Living Waters. I am glad you liked it. It is how I have been most of my life, watching, searching, yet keeping at a distance. I am trying to change and hold onto life and friends since my stroke I really got scared and felt so alone. Jo