But Do You Love Me?

Do you love me? Don't ask stupid questions. just be thankful you have a roof over your head! But do you love me? Tears stung inside hard like pelting cold rain. My friend Joanie survived as much as me, the death of a child at the hands of an abusive husband who also molested her daughter. Joanie has a rescue today for hurting people, mostly women and immigrants. She drew a picture of Jesus bleeding and torn on the cross arms open wide in a heavely hug: I LOVED YOU THIS MUCH! So can we put on that cross our pain, our past and rise in hope of love in Him.
stargazer2 stargazer2
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1 Response May 8, 2012

I do not hurt because of it. I got used to it and it is like the stuff we walk through and flowers grow great in manure right? God sees us through... hugs!