hello i am Nate, Nathan Pronovost I am 16 now this isn't a experience i had or anything like that i just wanna tell my ideas to everyone and try to change this world into the better, alright well here i got with my ideas, hopefully u like them. alright well i think we should stop killings and raping, we need a group that protects humans from other mad people, iv'e kept this in my mind for at least a month and this world makes me very sad and depressed, people crying and the horrors of this cruel world i wanna stop them all and create this world into the better, in the 1950s or 1960s you don't really see as much killings and rapes as today in the 2000s, in the 2000s people are more judgement and make fun of other peoples problems and not taking it to heart and helping them, the point is here is that i wanna help people i wanna save them all from this horrible world and stop killings and raping. I don't mind if u think i am crazy or stupid for thinking these ways and trying to help people but please get this world out, we need a better world filled with fun and joyness not killings,rape and abuse, its time we all called america god's country no wait its time we call this world god's world not hell's world. lets all try to save the world by getting the world out and try helping as much people as we can. Thank you very much for looking at this, i hope whoever read this took it to heart and will help me save the world thanks
Nathan610 Nathan610
18-21, M
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well not me but we can all save the world