I Just Wanna Say This:

StarliteRose: You are a beautiful soul with such loving words and praises.  You bring a smile to my face, and I love the groups you have been creating lately from th is one to the the present one.  They're absolutey adorable.

Softkitti: The way you put a picture in every story you write, the way you enter a confession and wiggle your cute booty around.  You are ADORABLE

theredlady: the last few nights you truly have been there for me, laughing with me, being an ear for me, and I appreciate it that more than you know.

CJ: for just being you.  I feel like I've known you for al ong long time.  You are truly a wonderful friend to me.  Thanks for bringing me joy.

YaBOYep: every night you have taken the time to message me, to ask how I am doing, and to send me jokes and laughter.  For that, I can not thank you enough.

LizardKing: keep cracking those jokes, someone has to around here :) 

OneDimensional: You know you are a friend to me, always. 

T: You are a great person with a loving heart, and heart of gold.  Keep loving always.

Mypainismyfriend: you taint with the best of them and you never give yourself enough credit, but I watch from afar, you truly are there for your friends when they ask.  Trust me, I've observed this in action.

Conniewallis: I do not have the words to truly say what you've become to me.  You are incredible.

College101: you have a very beautiful spirit about you.  You make others smile, and I have watched more and more as you've come out of your shell on this site.  :) i love seeing that side of you.


Alyangel: you are a beautiful person who brings a lot to this site.  You deserve happiness, and I know, in my heart, you will find it :)

AmyMA: you are so flippin' adorable!

13missedcalls: YOU MAKE ME LAUGH constantly.  YOu just say whatever the hell is on your mind, always.  You have lived a full life, y ou have done a lot of crazy things that I have never done, but you are experienced.  I like having you around.

Edielush: You truly are there for your friends, you are incredibly loyal.  You rock sista!

Jinty: thank you for all of our conversations, not sure if you'll be able to see this, but I owe you a tribute too.  You and I have had many conversations together, and for that, I thank you.

Aka: I do not have a single bad thing to say about you.  You have such inspirational words to share always.

dredre: keep sharing your crazy *** stories!

nightsimp: I JUST FLIPPIN' adore you always!

Rescue3: You are so real and genuine, I look forward to reading your confessions and comments always. 

Losthopenc: I DO NOT HAVE THE WORDS for you.  And when I find those words, those words will only be spoken to you from me, not for the rest of the world to necessarily see.  I am proud to call you mine, if you allow me. 

and to everyone else: you bring a lot to this site.  Keep bringing your personalities in, and keep being yourself and sharing your stories.  If you ever need antyhing, please know I am here for you.  But I just wanna say "you mean a lot to me" 

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3 Responses Feb 24, 2010

awww ...* skates in on pink and silver rollar skates ..... rolls up to Dem and hugs her ..throws chocolate sprinkles on her....and gives her a spank * thank you babes you a righteous dudette yourself ....=-)

many hugs n love de*♥<br />
u are amazing*

*jumps in a barrel of glitter and grabs an armful of rose petals*<br />
<br />
*gets a running start from a few blocks away*<br />
<br />
*runs faster*<br />
<br />
*leaps onto a trampoline and flies through the air*<br />
<br />
*aims for De*<br />
<br />
<br />
You are too awesome for words De----- I love ya babe! =D