I Hate My Appearance

I'm 15, I'm in the 9th grade, and I just hate my body and overall appearance. I'm fat and it's hard for me to lose weight so I constantly give up on eating healthy. A lot of people tell me I'm pretty but I don't believe it. My friends are all skinnier than me so it makes me feel I don't know out of place. I like this boy and he's always looking at me but what if he's thinking look at her she's so fat or she's so ugly. It's hard I just wanna be pretty and feel good about my self.
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5 Responses Sep 22, 2012

if you think your fat then you are... actually your ugly... I haven't met you but as you said you are... so you are... but sweetheart that's part of feeling good about your self it's proof you accepted the fact... now what to do? don't look at your friends because of their body they knew your a wonderful person that's why they say your pretty if you really wanna try proving that your pretty physically to anyone work hard and eat less everyday and taking a stroll for at least 30 min that will still make a difference... no efforts are wasted except the day you give up... believe me know what its like been there done that, still fat but improving and when I look at the mirror I see my friends words written on it ( same as yours). and don't forget to smile. :)

what did you say

he wo fatnt say that go up to him and say do you think im fat

no you r not your lovly

you are not fat you are reelly nice and you have to belive in your self