I Got Mine :)

You know some days you wake up and just need a hug!

Today I woke up, everyone was gone...my daughter at a girl scout sleepover, my son at the neighbors at a sleepover as well.

I was talking on the phone when the doorbell rang and it was my 8 yr old son standing there arms open wide saying 'good morning mom'....it was the best feeling in the world.

We sat on the couch he told me he had stayed up REALLY late but he was going to the creek with his friends and wanted to make sure I was ok. So we hugged & kissed a few more times and then he was on his way with his friends down the street....And I got my HUG :)

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14 Responses Aug 7, 2010

Thanks zall1rog- He's the best hugger :)

Thanks Sugar! I know you know what I am talking about...:)<br />
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Thanks FG- Hugs x infinity to you too!!<br />
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Groovy-thanks a bunch! Hugs are the best for moms and dads :)

((hugs x infinity))

Now that's a warm fuzzy! And I know, cause even Dads like hugs from their sons. I can appreciate this. It will make your day!.

Bluebie- little boy hugs are the best and they always think MOM rocks!!

Little boy hugs are some of the best hugs ever, and you will carry these moments with you always.

Thanks Arsty- you are too kind.... ((HUGS)) to you too!

Des- that's AWESOME!!

Thanks ABL- I love moments like this ...

Yes they do Des :-)

facingmyfears- aww thanks so much :) . You can never have too many hugs.<br />
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Bassy- Me too! There is nothing like it in the world :) <br />
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Angel- my pleasure...it was an honor to share this story <br />
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Sooner- it was amazing ...he's my snuggler :) Thanks XOXOX

That is so sweet. I hope you always have that in your life. :)

Thanks Sweetnshort! I love him so much and he is such a sweetie:)

That was so Sweet Snowy. Your Son will grow up and show his wife the same Love that he has been shown. Good Job Mom