...firm Hand Otk Spanking On My Diapered Bottom....

Several years ago I lived in a state that allowed paddling of school kids. I met a former headmaster online who enjoyed his former job so much that he continued offering spanking services online. Anyway, I made an appointment for him to give me a firm hand OTK spanking on my diapered bottom and he agreed. We met. He took me to the kitchen and pulled out a chair and pulled me over his knee. My feet were dangling and hands barely touched the floor. He scolded me for being naughty and then the first firm hand swat landed on my butt. He spanked me right where i needed it. My butt was beginning to sting and my **** was throbbing. On a few swats his hand lingered. Then he pulled my pants down and my full diapered butt was showing. He gave me a good long spanking over his knee! I **** in my diaper several times. We met several more times and he took me over his knee and warmed my diapered butt. One day he told me he knew why I liked his firm hand OTK spankings
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Nice story. I like that you were diapered during your punishment.

It was Ohio