My Life...

i finished with my boyfriend of 6 months... Calum! and then i got with another boy.. Richard! and it was goin really when then he just ended it and everything went downhill! my friend fell out with me because she liked Ric and i went out with him... pathetic i know! and then my ex told me he liked me still which confused me! Richard is flirting with me again! im just so confused! i love Calum still of corse i do! i cant help it but i cant go through with all that again! and Ric was something.. new and just seemed perfect more or less.... i hope things get better anyway! dont know why you would want to know this but i like sharing my thoughts with someone! on the up i made friends with Lois (the one who fell out with me over Ric) and i met some new best friends... the most amazing people who always make me smile and help me through a lot! Melissa and Aimee! please comment i like reading them =) xx ty xx
Jess Jess
18-21, F
2 Responses Dec 4, 2006

Sounds like an advert for a certain low calorie chocolate drink! So glad my life is not as confusing as yours!