My Life Disaster

i was goin with this guy for 6 months and he moved so we kinda fell outa it and i dated some guys and the last one broke up with me for my bf and now she hates me and i dunno y cuz now there not dating and my old bf came back for a while and everything between us went great and were together again but hes more mean to me like hes holding a grudge against me for dating other guys when he didnt date WHAT DO I DO
shorty69 shorty69
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 4, 2006

Hey, breaking up is breaking up. If your bf left, he has NOTHING to say about whom you see, and for him to give you attitude is just out of line. I understand if you are so into him you feel like you have to take his crap, rather than complain and lose hime again. But, you know, it is your choice, and maybe you might just be a better person. After all, he came back to you, right? So, who made the mistake in the first place? Maybe him, for leaving you? And now he's mad because when he left you, you weren't stuck, you had other people to spend time with. I think he's the weaker person here, and there must be something about you that makes all of them want to be around you. As far as your friend goes that is still mad at you, if she's a friend, she'll get over it. Hang tight!