I Want True Friends Not Fake People Who Use Me!

am I able to trust anybody anymore? I don't know.....so here's the thing: the school is having an 8th grade trip for 3 days to Virginia and some other places and it is required that you should have 3 other people to room with u. since the 4th grade me and my "best friends" (the girls that I follow) having been planning to go on this trip together but now that it's 8th grade...we have absolutely no classes together which means we are practically strangers..... she gets pulled into those bad groups and it's just sad.....I have my other friends who I do trust but but they chose there other friends over me but there's this other trust worthy friend I have but it's only the two of us so we need 2 other ppl and she already paid the first payment and I didn't so I will soon feel like a bad friend... we try finding ppl but they already got friends....now I feel alone and I will be forced to go to school with 7th grade (cause I'm not allowed to stay home) and imagine the fun everyone else is having such as the dance cruise and the roller coaster rides and the mall....I just wish I can trust ppl and I wish there were more New girls!!!! (but it's not like even if my "best friends" were in my class they would pick me to go with them!! but what upsets me the most is that they picked a ditzy smiley happy annoying girl or as they say "dumb blonde" (but she's not blond) over me!!!!!!! which kicked me in the heart the most..... ;(
Pie11644 Pie11644
18-21, F
Jan 19, 2013