Gone Over Night

two years ago was a happy time and very sad time for me and my family. i lost my brother in june and i got married in august when i got married i things were looking up we were coming to together as a family praying together going to church it was wonderful. then over night it was gone i think about everything that has happen the past two years. i'm trying not to point any fingers it's kind of hard when you go over and over in your head and you still see that one thing that started things to fall it's my husband. he blames everyone but himself. it somethings i know i could have done different i do take the blame for what i could have done. he started using drugs again, i that somthing that i promised myself as a recovering addict(5+years)that i wasn't going to live with drugs and by the grace of GOD i have thus far. thats a little bit of my story will share more as i open up more thinks for listening.it help me to see what i been thinking about for so long will get back with you in a little while 
sisterfriendwife sisterfriendwife
41-45, F
Oct 5, 2011