Hello, Anyone. D:

I've only had one best friend in my lifetime. He was the kid I always went to for anything. Vice versa. We knew each others secrets and pretty much anything; hung out all of the time. We told each other "i love you" because, well. I felt it. Blah blah. Well. The story changed after he got a girlfriend and kind of left me in the dust. I felt so betrayed. And I know I'm not alone in this situation. So. I'm sure someone can relate to this. But after all of that happened, every little secret of mine that I had told him, he felt the need to tell his girlfriend, who hated my guys almost, and she harassed me with all of my "family problems" and other personal things. I had never felt so dead inside and ever since then, I've always been worried about if I can ever become close to someone again. And if I can ever trust anybody like I did before this happened. I find it hard to believe people nowadays. And all of this happened about two years ago. Ever since then, I haven't had a best friend. I basically call everyone acquaintances and once I do try to find a new best friend and we start to talk and become close, I always push them away. Kind of hide in my turtle shell, figuratively speaking, and get all anti social. I hate this too. I want someone I can talk to about anything. Someone I can spend time with, have fun with, and do what best friends do together I guess? I get really lonely all of the time. Depressed too. And I worry a lot. Over nothing pretty much, but still. I feel so much better when there's someone there for me. Listening to what I actually have to say. I'm usually always there for people when they need a shoulder to cry on or anything for that matter. I listen and give advice. I feel like I never get that in return. But that's okay. I enjoy helping people and if I don't have someone to talk to about something, I just get it out of my mind somehow. Honestly, I just want a best friend. And I want to be someone's best friend. Nobody has ever called me that before. Sorry if this is all scrambled and scattered around. I just typed it as it came into my mind. :o okay, thanks. Bye!
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Hope you're doing well and overwhelmed by friends and support by now!

PM me if you are interested into a friendship with me.

Quite simply, I feel the same way...

Well thats a great first post- hope to hear more about you in time - I will not tell any of your secrets to anybody- my word is my honour.
Keep happy, keep well- speak soon
Hugs n peace - mark2you xx

I'm sry that happened to you :( Honestly all my friends just betrayed and left me too recently for such a stupid reason! I feel your pain on this so your not alone :) I'm sure you can find that person someday in real life but untill then even if its just online I'll be your friend ^^

Hi fate- hope u well - sorry about your issues as well - hope we are still friends - mark xx