Ever Have One Of Those Days.

I don't suffer from depression at least I don't think I do. I get the blues a lot some days it's like I just need to cry. I have issues where LOL when I watch movies even movies I've watched as a kid and cry....I don't know if it something to do with secretly longing to be like that movie....Yeah....Fairytales are sooo out of my league. I've had days where I just wish I could pull up stakes and just leave out the door and not look back.....I've felt like just leaving my family behind and leave....never to return....but then I think of my son and daughter that I would leave behind. I have a wonderful husband. He would pull the stars down from the sky to light my darkest night. He said that he would go to hell to get me (if my story was like What dreams may Come) *I cry all the time in that movie* I've listened to Christmas songs this past year (I do every year) and started to get the blues because of some of the songs I remember as a child.....and I think back to how it was when I was a child....a small wish of wanting to be that child again full of innocence and that excitement of the Holiday coming. Not the worry of is my house clean enough is my tree nice. Will I be able to afford a nice Christmas for my family is my family going to get along this year or is there going to be drama. Just thinking as a child.....will Santa get my letter, I hope it snows for Christmas, ooo I love that Christmas show hopefully it comes back on. I know I'm rambling I might even sound stupid and childish to a lot of people....but I have all these thoughts just mulling around in my head.....it's a wonder I can even concentrate.
Zaleanda Zaleanda
36-40, F
Jan 6, 2013