It Would Just Be Nice If...

People could talk to each other without worrying if someone is going to take it wrong or flip their lid or whatever other undesirable behavior might come about.  It's just talking.  It doesn't alter the dynamics of the universe nor should anybody give that much control to another persons words. We should also be able to respect other peoples beliefs and opinions without challenging them to a verbal brawl if we don't agree with them.  I don't know.  Maybe I'm missing something. 

Oh, and I'm tired of having to defend my character.  I can't stand it when someone thinks something about you that isn't true and you go ahead and tell them they're wrong about what they think of you or whatever but they don't believe you.  Seriously..why? 

And!  I hate it when people tell you how YOU feel!  Not, "It seems like", but "You feel or think..". Especially, when they are so far beyond wrong it borders on insanity!  There seems to be no way to convice these people that you, in fact, know your own feelings better then they do (99% of the time anyway).  I don't understand this.  It's nonsensical to me.  Rrrr...
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Thank you, kindly! Right back at you! :)

I see what you're saying sunflower101, but I've been hurt as well and I don't communicate like that. And, I never make personal attacks. Of course, they do somehow perceive it that way which blows my mind. I don't know. It's seems like complete insanity at times but I guess that's just the way it is because there is no convincing these people that they may have even a tiny part in the misunderstand, or whatever it happens to be. I spend entirely too much time trying to reason with people who have their minds made up already. It's my own<br />
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Thank you for the understanding, angelwings626 :)

att = attacks on character (becuz u were mean to them, from their point of view)