Utterly Alone.

Has anyone ever felt alone when there are people surrounding you?
Even if they say that they are there for you, you dont really feel it?
That when you try to speak of how you feel you shut down?
Ever felt that aching pain in your chest or as if your carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?
Ever felt as if the walls were closing in on you?
That feelings as if you might explode any moment?
I have and I still do.
Sometimes I just want to scream for them to stop!
To stop complaining to me,
To stop comparing me,
To stop reminding me,
To stop pressuring me,
To stop putting me down,
To stop blaming me for others mistakes,
To stop making me feel so alone,
To stop with their bullshit!
But I don't have the guts to speak because in the last second I shut down.
I just want them to listen and understand me.
because no matter how many times they say they will always be there for me and that they love me, they have made me feel nothing but
Brokenxxworld Brokenxxworld
18-21, F
Jun 25, 2012