Does anyone else, have a perfect vision of how they could be, but aren't? I do, I imagine how I would like, what I would do, and how I would act as my perfect self. The only problem, is I don't know how to reach it. My perfect self, would play sports in all the seasons on the school teams, my real self, plays no sports. My perfect self, would have gorgeous curly hair, my real self, has boring, ugly hair. My perfect self, would be school president, on the speech team, on the debate team, and in Spanish Club. My real self does none of these. MY PERFECT SELF WOULD BE BRAVE enough to stand up to haters and bullies, my perfect self would be brave enough, to raise my hand in class, and show the people, the real me, the one who strives to be perfect.
glee12 glee12
Jan 8, 2013