Want To Stay Friends

It really annoys me when I have a male friend and everything is going along nicely, as FRIENDS, but then he wants things to go further or starts verying into that weird sexual territory, which I do not want. OR when someone likes me and I don't like them back, yet they don't seem to get the message. It annoys me when someone likes me and I don't like them back, then they get annoyed that you don't like them back, then the friendship is ruined. Yet when I like someone, they never like me back. It's messed up like that.

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I'm going through the same thing too - but the thing is, I really value my friend and I don't want to lose this friendship. I wish he'd talk to me again.

yep, its annoying when that happens and being a male myself, i know thats how most men operate when it comes to finding female friends. fortunately not all of them are like that but it can be a rare find. with my female friends, i never think of them as sexual ob<x>jects, i just rather value the casual, care free friendship i have with them over an akward love relationship. some of my female friends are beautiful and pretty, but i dont want to be girlfriends with them but just friends. i have learned to value having friends than romantic interests. less pressure for me that way.

I'm not sure why, but most of the friends I've had in my life have been female. There was one that I also had a crush on in high school, but knew that it would only create awkwardness and ruin the friendship if I said anything. So I kept my tongue and kept the friend, which is all I really wanted anyway. I mean, it's true that if you really, truly have feelings for a friend, then there would be some that would say take the chance and see what happens. Risky, but there are those times when it pays off. Other than that, just stay friends.

I think I had a friendship of mine screwed up recently over such things.... but then when you meet a person sooooooo awesome, what can you do?

try to look at it in a positive way,take me for example,i have a hard time making friends with people and if a women want me in a sexual way ,its only happened twice,be happy that they think of u that way,as long as that way means being with u as a girlfriend/boyfriend way <br />
i have been friends with women before and wanted more and the only way to know if the other person feels the same way is to ask