I wonder how many people in the world are running away right now and how many are coming home. I think about how somebody's worst day is just another persons typical Thursday. Mostly, I like to think about happiness. I like to see people smile and I enjoy hearing laughter. I love to see two people in love (even if it makes me hurt about my own relationship) I like to remind myself that everyone is human and everyone deserves to be loved, to be happy. I remind myself we are all going through something. So why allow fear to stop you from loving someone? Why let your insecurity stop you from being happy? Why shut ourselves in and not make new friends? Why is it we feel we have to face everything all on our own? Why let the demons be our comfort when times are at their darkest? It's time to reach out and be human with other human beings. Help make someone feel happier today. If you make someone smile it will help put a smile on your face too.
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Deep down I feel these things too thank you for putting it in words

You're welcome ruby. I am glad you can relate


You really are a beautiful person, aren't you...?

I do my best

Still, thank you for being you.

Anytime 😌 I don't know how to be anyone else

This might be an over share but I'm having difficulty with my recently ended relationship because I still notice the change in me. I never really cared for much before but about three days ago I found myself playing Cupid for a friend. That was harsh for me because I knew why I had wanted to help so suddenly.

The end of a relationship is so hard. I'm in so much pain and mine is only "suspended" it does change people. And that's such good news you are feeling better and even helping others meet one another. Seems like the storm might be clearing a bit more for you and your heartache. That's so awesome.

I'm trying... But I'm not feeling better. Don't really know why. This isn't typical for me.

I really hope your pain lessens. You love to help out the kindness of your heart. You should be happy and not in pain.

Pain just means I felt real love for someone. That's how I see it anyways. And in this particular situation I loved someone so much! As I have never felt this much pain in my life. I guess it's a beautiful thing to love someone so deeply. It's just a shame they don't feel the same. And I don't feel better either but it does help to help other people.

I know you're right. I know I'm lucky to have had every perfect moment and everything imperfect moment with her. I'm just stuck and blinded by the pain and despair. I'm sure it will pass but it's getting the best of me at times.

I can completely relate to that. I am borderline angry at what he has done to me and how he has broken me. Don't expect too much from yourself. I'm learning the best thing to do is be really gentle with yourself. Today is a really bad day for me emotionally, so I'm going to let myself just feel like ****, cry as much as I need to, and then I'm going to do something nice for myself. Like paint or read or drink some of my favourite coffee. Just be gentle with you. You're going through a lot. It's going to take time and there will be a lot of pain. I'm glad you are here on EP so you can let some of it out and chat with like minds. You're not alone. It's perfectly okay to feel like ****, you're heartbroken.

Honestly, I've had this account for a while. I've commented and just played with it. This was the first time I actually posted. I don't have FB, Twitter, or anything.

I like to write in a journal mostly. But I didn't want anyone to read it or come across it. So I started to spill my thoughts here instead. It's therapeutic and wonderful. Not to mention you make new friends along the way

I'm actually hanging out with my friends right now. Can't tell them a quarter of what I've put here.

Yeah I don't have any friends here. Since I've returned to Canada I am in a new town. It's been difficult! But I have my mom so that's been helpful.

Well, I maybe 1000 miles away in Arizona but if you need to talk. Least I can do.

It's been really nice to chat with you :)


I'm starting to see that. I'm very grateful.

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